An open request to ABC

Dear ABC,

I'm really happy that I can watch every single episode of LOST online, in streaming HD. It's fantastic. I'm re-watching Season 4 again, and the interface is pretty spectacular.

However, we have to talk about the advertisements. Please figure out a way to advertise to me somehow in a way that is non-invasive. I recommend maybe figuring out some mix where local companies can sell me an ad during that time, perhaps with the local affiliate serving as the ad broker.

I'm 34. I don't have any need for Cialis, don't need anything produced by Astra-Zeneca, and really, I don't have Fibromyalgia. So, please, stop reminding me that my future is going to be filled with a whole series of pills and side-effects. I know that's coming. But, have you noticed, I'm trying to watch LOST? That means I'm seeking escape. When the ads are jarring, it's much less likely I'll get used to coming to your site. I'll be more likely to go to hulu, where I can pretty much find something I can watch within a couple of minutes, even if it is an episode of I Dream of Jeannie.

Really, can you imagine I am embedding Barbara Eden on my blog? How would I even begin to explain that to the 9-year-old me that watched this show every single day?

Anyway, I can't embed LOST here, and maybe I don't want to. But, I would like people to go to your site to watch, and I'd like ABC.com to become a successful business model so that people like myself can continue to watch high-quality entertainment. It's a troubling time for everyone in the media business as human behavior continues to shift before our eyes. How do we turn the Internet into something that can sustain us, inform us, educate us, connect us, and entertain us?

Looks like we've already done that, to some extent, at least for those of us connected. But, I fear your days are numbered if you keep telling me I'm soon to expect medical fun. At least tell me to exercise, and maybe get out from the computer every now and then!

Yours Truly,
Sean Tubbs

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Sean Tubbs said...

With the ease of how easy it is to get this material, I wonder if anyone if that increases the chances of anyone doing a re-mix? I'm sure that would not be considered fair use, but why not, when it would only send more interest back to the source? Internet traffic in a connected universe depends on multiple references. Why not just take things at random and layer and shred?