More thoughts on Dr. Horrible

I am watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for the tenth time, I think. It's on Hulu, as I said, even though I bought it in iTunes because I thought I couldn't watch it legally any other way.
The content is so engaging to me that I want to do whatever I can do to make sure that people follow in Joss Whedon's path.

I know that a small percentage of Americans are watching television online. Even many fellow nerds don't like the experience. For me, it's different, as I've been seeking out television programs since 2002, when I discovered Star Trek episodes somewhere. As with Napster before, I knew that the whole content delivery universe was about to change.

Six years later, I'm repeatedly watching an original program that was created for the Internet, and I'm playing it over and over and over again. I spent $6 on it, and now I'm watching the ads here on hulu.com as I do my nightly after-work work.

Why am I watching it repeatedly? Even on this tenth viewing, there are new things I learn. And of course, because I know the full tragedy of the three acts, re-watching simply fills me with a sadness for what I know is coming. And, of course, I can empathize with Dr. Horrible as a man who gets exactly what he wants - at terrible cost.

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