Pie Day 2008

I seldom use this blog to write up about my work at Charlottesville Tomorrow. That's what writing for Charlottesville Tomorrow is for. However, I've had to make an exception for Pie Day, our one-day quest in search of fresh pie in Albemarle County.

You can see all of the details there, and I'd encourage you to comment there if you're interested in this very important issue. But I thought I would reflect for just a brief moment on the day, which was a fantastic birthday present of sorts from my boss. One full day in which I got to play navigator, riding shotgun trying to find routes from one Albemarle community to another. I'm proud to say that I have now been to the northern and southern points in the County, and that I better appreciate exactly how Crozet is laid out. I'm much better equipped now to write about land use topics.

We're truly blessed to live here, though. I can definitely say that I'm proud to have Albemarle County surrounding Charlottesville, the jurisdiction I chose to live in for various reasons that I won't repeat at this time. When I first moved to the area, I lived on what will one day be the North Pointe development. At that time, gas was cheap and I drove around a lot more looking at things. Now, I pretty much never leave city limits because there's not much need to do so. Pie Day was a good way to be reminded that there's a world out there, a beautiful one, that's good to see every now and then.

Do check out the site, though. Brian Wheeler, Charlottesville Tomorrow's Executive Director and my boss, spent the weekend painstakingly putting together a map of our travels, which you can view in either Google Maps or Google Earth. I'm proud of what he's accomplished. Go and check it out, and make your nomination for where we should go if we ever decide to do a sequel!

Brian will also be on Coy Barefoot's show tomorrow night.

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