Streaming audio to stay until the end of 2008

The Charlottesville Community Media stream will be in place through at least the end of 2008. This is my experimental live stream, which rebroadcasts content from the Charlottesville Podcasting Network and other interesting things that come to mind late at night. Occasionally, we'll be experimenting with live events, and sometimes we'll be digging through my archives to listen to various odds and ends from my psyche. At times, some of them could be quite embarrasing.

This may seem indulgent, and perhaps it is. But, I'm kind of enjoying having it live and it's affordable. And, it's teaching me things that I want to know. Isn't that why I stay up late into the night working on a computer, the same way I did when I was a teenager?

In other news:

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Sean Tubbs said...

Actually, it's down. Comcast's bandwidth cap made it so.