BBC Radio 4 program on American history

Who are we? I wonder that a lot as I drive around in this land where my parents decided to move over 40 years ago. Who are we, and how did we get here? I half-heartedly studied history at Virginia Tech because it helped answer questions, but it was not until I became a radio journalist for WVTF Public Radio that I thought about telling stories myself. I'd still like at some point to figure out a way to tell stories of the past in order to help make a better future.

But, until then, BBC Radio 4 has begun a new series on American history called America, Empire of Liberty that is worth taking a listen to. If you click, what you'll hear are four episodes of the series, which is being aired daily on Radio 4. Each episode is a 15-minute chunk of history, in a style that is not popular on NPR. Yet, it's what I want to do here, and have done here in the past. One narrator speaking, punctuated with actors reading quotes where relevant and appropriate.

I just wish they'd turn this into a pure podcast, because I doubt I will remember to go back again. I want to, though. I just spent an hour listening as I organized the house. Or tried to. There's a lot to organize.

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