Documenting my file-related cluelessness

When I started the Charlottesville Podcasting Network three years ago, I immediately began posting file after file after file. And then posted more files and more files. There was a lot, quickly.

That meant I filled up my allotted storage amount. I upgraded, but then filled up that amount fairly quickly as well. I kept having to take files off line because I could not figure out a solution, and couldn't afford to spend more money.

So, over the summer of 2005, I deleted several podcasts and backed them up to my computer. And then, to a CD. I had a computer I'd bought in 2002, and a laptop I bought when I launched my company and CPN. The two together really weren't up to the task of powering a website.

Somehow, I've neglected to back up some of those podcasts. Still, requests for some of the files occasionally come through, and I can't locate that they're looking for.

I was pretty clueless. Now I'm a little more advanced, but still fairly clueless.

In any case, this is a request for anyone who might have a copy of the following podcasts:

A long shot, I know, but you never know, though. Read through the comments on that last one. Interesting what developed from there, I think.

I'd very much like to revamp my website, but it's currently the fourth priority in my life, and I can never get to it as much as I would like. However, any time I do spend on it does tend to help me out in all of the various things I do. It's just that the web-design and maintenance is not my strong suit.

What is my strong suit? Kevlar.

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