Great article on Buford football

Charlottesville is damned lucky to have a writer as good as Will Goldsmith writing stories like the one he wrote in today's copy of C-Ville Weekly. Careful readers may know that I live incredibly close to Buford Middle School, and lo and behold, this fantastic article helps fill in the details of what I see every day.

To me, this is the kind of article that should win awards. It illuminates something social going on in my community that I did not know about before, and it gives me a sense of something I didn't know before.

But, more importantly, read the way that Will writes about football itself.

One of the first drills involves pursuit angles, one of the basics of defense. A player has to work a complicated math problem that involves the speed of the guy with the ball and their own speed to calculate what the shortest line would be to that point. Of course, kids don’t have time to work through the geometry in a game—it must become an instinct that’s built up through repetition. And this is just one of those skills peculiar to football.

Read the article. Somewhere in here lies the answer to Charlottesville's safe and secure future.

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