Tinkering with sidebar

I've tried to declutter my sidebar. First off, I'm using a little trick I learned on Alan Rimm-Kaufmann's blog about using your starred feeds on Google Reader. While I prefer Bloglines to Google Reader, I have set up an account so that I can see what it looks like.

With the proliferation of posts on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, I have been looking for ways to feature particular posts. This week, Ray Nedzel did an interview with the director of Live Art's Doubt. Dan Daniels recorded a talk on the Siege of Petersburg by Bill Bergen. My boss, Brian Wheeler, was a guest on Charlottesville--Right Now! I would like to figure out a way to highlight my favorites among the dozens of podcasts we're posting every week.

So, I used the trick I found to use Google Reader to power the first box you see to the right on the top of the blog this week.

I also went ahead and de-cluttered the rest of my sidebar, which was kind of littered with widgets and things. I do have a need to figure out how to best take advantage of all of the various feeds that I'm currently associated with. I need to figure out a way to grow the audience a little more, now that there's quite a lot of content. I will be adding a list of all of the various podcasts feeds at some point, but I am struggling with coming up with the best way to do that.

But, I've at least done one thing this morning!

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