Appreciating the new Facebook

I got to say, I'm really enjoying the new version of Facebook. A lot of people were dead-set against it because it hid all the cutesy-stuff like Green Happy Flowers and How Educated Is Your Hamster applications. 

What they did, I think, was to make it much easier to tap into the real resource on Facebook - people you've met in real life that you know. I have 150 or so friends in Facebook, and the new updates make it much easier to have conversations with people. In this past week, I've had a quick discussion on superhero television as well as a conversation about the way Americans should conceive of government. These conversations have occured with former co-workers as well as people from my school days. It makes me feel connected, and maybe a little less scared of being alone in the world.

Of course, it is a little weird being friended by strangers I barely know. Yet, even some of those folks I send messages back and forth with. Why not? That's what it's there for, right?

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