Television is fun!

A rare night off. No work. Taking a break this week. I watched television and it felt kind of historical. Here's what I watched:
  • Saturday Night Live on Thursday night: Not as good as last week's, sort of lackluster with mistakes and no Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Still, it's unusual to watch a show trying to move outside of its usual territory. Live television in prime time excites me.
  • Life On Mars: Second episode. Still following the template of the British show, but I'm hooked because of all the subtle differences. It's like a cover version of a song you like that takes the melody into new places.
  • Red Sox beat the Rays: This is the first baseball I've watched all year. I've been kind of done with baseball, but I flicked through and ended up rooting for the Red Sox. They were down 7-0 and came back to win 8-7 in the ninth. How did I forget baseball?
  • McCain on Letterman: I've not watched Letterman on television for years, but this was must-stay-up television. Letterman's being tough, and it's great television watching it live.

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