Two long-form arts discussions to listen to at CPN

I've been fortunate to work with two arts groups in the last week to produce a couple of long arts discussions for various communities.

First, I helped my friend Jeff Cudlin with a podcast on a panel discussion called "From the Gallery to the Street: Artists Talk Politics." Jeff is the Director of Exhibitions at the Arlington Arts Center, and someone I've known since I was 6. Everything I am today, I owe to Jeff. Hence, the free labor.

Second, I recorded a talk for the Piedmont Council of the Arts for their recent "Creative Conversation" on Arts Education And Our Community. I'm not pleased with the sound quality, but I'm incredibly impressed with the turn-out and I applaud PCA for their work on this front. I think they're going to pull a lot of things together, and I'm glad to be able to do my small part.

Podcasting may not necessarily be a mass medium, but it's a great way to connect people together. When I look back at the last three and a half years, I'm amazed at how many people I've worked with. And, I look forward to all the folks I am going to work with in the future.

One challenge at the Charlottesville Podcasting Network is to figure out how to let people know about all of the stuff we have. If you're interested in art, then check out our Arts category. Browse through archive and see what we have to offer. Drop us a line if you want to know more, or leave a comment: What would you like to hear?

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