Tonight's band: Archers of Loaf

So, I just ditched my Rhapsody subscription after four years in order to save money. It was such an awesome service, but I can no longer justify it. I canceled the $13 a month payment in part because there are alternatives to sample music.

Tonight, I wanted to hear some Archers of Loaf. I first heard "Wrong" on WUVT in 1992 or so when I was still a freshman at Virginia Tech.

Of course, none of my roommates had any interest in the same kind of music as me, and neither did anyone at the student newspaper at which I worked. I only met one other person who had even heard of the band, a guy who wasn't even a student. Of course, I had a friend at UVA who also shared the same interest in the band. I think at one point I'd hung out with him and he'd played this song, "Might".

The videos aren't so hot a decade and a half later. As a matter of fact, watching isn't really advised. The songs are much better without watching a visual companion. But, wow, it's pretty amazing that we're at a point in society where I can hear these songs whenever I want just by going to YouTube. This next track is from their second album, VeeVee, and is one of my favorite songs of all time. It's a great anthem that for some reason just hits me and takes hold of me and makes me want to be alive, years after hearing it for the first time:

I have to take something back that I said above. The videos could be good. VeeVee ends with a track called "Underachievers March and Fight Song" which I love, and this video totally does it justice:

Now, before I go on to their later albums, I'll conclude this post with a link to a video that's not a video. I think this was actually the first Archers of Loaf song I ever heard - "Plumbline" which is the one that contains the line "she's an indie-rocker and nothing's going to stop her"


Again - if I want to wax nostalgic, I can do it for free without Rhapsody. Which is all I was using it for, anyway. This means I'll likely buy more albums, though. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

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