WNRN podcasts and videos

I'm really excited to be very tangentially involved with WNRN's interviews by giving a place for them to be heard through the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. A lot of folks come through the studio to speak with Anne Williams or Ronda Chollock, and we archive the audio on the CPN site. To stay in touch, sign up via RSS or e-mail.

Tonight, Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkins will be appearing at the Gravity Lounge and this morning they were at WNRN. Ian Solla-Yates posted the audio this morning, and if you're interested in the show, why not take a listen to see if you'd have a good time?

But that's not all. They're also filming the songs and putting them up on YouTube so you can see the experience. Both the videos and the audio podcasts are a great way for a local radio station to find a new way to reach people interested in music. Kudos to Ian for exploring this sort of thing. I spoke with him last week, and he says they're going to be continuing to upgrade this service for listeners and viewers.

Here's Devon Sproule:

I'd never heard one of her songs before this, and now I have. So I'm much more likely to go see one of her shows as a result. Hooray for the community!

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