Reflections on Charlottesville nightlife

Frankly, I'm an alien these days even though I've lived here for over six years. I don't get this town at all in terms of how it works at night. Now that I am newly single, I am having to learn it.

But, really, I will report that I just watched two women get into a cab with an elderly man. When the pair walked into the bar where I was, they spotted him and about an hour later, they all got into a cab together. Two very attractive young women in their early twenties got into a cab with a man in his sixties. He was very intoxicated. Where did they go? Where are they now? This happened. What kind of town do I live in?

I'm a family man suddenly transported into what I knew before I was such. Night life in Charlottesville is a lot more rough then we really write about here in the world of the blogs. I'm relearning now that I'm back to basics.

I never thought I'd be here again. I thought I was going to be a family man. Now, I have my kids part-time and now what? How am I going to change?

I hope not much. But, I'm sure the contents of this blog will change as I find more interesting things to write about. There is this incredibly dark underbelly in this town that I have a feeling I'm going to know more about all of this in the weeks, months and years to come.

I don't want to be here. I hope readers know that. The life I am about to have is not the life I expected. I was preparing for something very different.

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Andrew Hersey said...

I know the feeling. I was never in my life very fond of the bar scene, and am even less so in this town. Sorry about your newfound singleness, Sean, but welcome to the club.