Test of new Yahoo player: And a bone for Joe Sites

I met with music blogger Shaun Harvey who tipped me off to the Yahoo music player which I'm hoping I can experiment with here. I've been looking for an easy embeddable mp3 player for donkey's years, and this could be the ticket.

Also, Joe Sites requested I post another Hodads song, so here we are. Two stones with one bird.

Listen: Monsignor Travaille (1999): This was an improv done in Brendan's basement in April of 1999. I had never picked up a saxophone before, and had no business doing an improv. Still, this comes together for about 30 seconds or so.

UPDATE: Is it donkey's years, or donkeys' years?


eric said...

That clip was really cool! I bet we're each thinking about a different 30 seconds, too. That's what's neat about jamming for the heck of it.

Dan said...

It worked for me! A portable player like this could be very helpful. Do you know if it can be used on Facebook?