Why I like rain

When it rains, Charlottesville becomes England. The sound of the air changes. Everything feels moist. The light is magnificently gray, forcing the greens to pick up the slack. My mind is suddenly transported to the place where my parents grew up and where so much of my interest lies.

When it rains, feelings of happiness sustain themselves for a quick moment, my need to travel there is somewhat eased. Happiness shines through right where the universe wants me.

The rain is pleasing. Everything could actually be okay. A replenished Earth permeates through the built environment. The cycle of life overpowers the man-made for a few moments at least.

The rain drops and consciousness fade aways. The rush of a million drops falling towards the earth and then landing takes precedence over everything else. Every other sound must transform itself or be lost amidst the softness.

(photo by Juni)

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