Introducing my electronic past

For years, I've wanted to do something with the hours of electronic noise I used to create as a hobby. I began this hobby about ten years ago, and spent a lot of time using various programs to assemble collages of cacophony. I've kind of lost interest of late, but when I installed the Yahoo player a few months ago, I figured I would upload a track here and there as a way of building a soundtrack for the site.

First up is this track, which I made six or seven years ago, right after I first moved to Charlottesville. I don't remember anything else about it except to say that it's called "Understood Enemy." The track came on in iTunes this morning at the precise moment I got an e-mail from someone who fits that description, so I thought I should reveal it to the world.

Understood Enemy

Nothing earth-shattering, but it's something I did once.

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