A small victory for a single dad!

Thanks to comments from Kevin Cox in the last post. I'd have to say that given the circumstances of my living arrangement, I'm not entirely in control of where he sleeps. But, I will say that last night there was a small victory of sorts. Most notably that he slept almost entirely through the night! After a small struggle, I got him down by 9:00 PM or so. He woke up at 2:30 AM, but I got him down again. We all slept in until about 7:30 AM, and had a nice and slow time watching the snow continue to fall. Now we're sitting here having a nice quiet morning. Sam is playing with a box and I'm just about to turn off the television. The sun is shining outside, and I'm happy that I've made it through another night.

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Kevin Cox said...

Congratulations Sean,
It's one small step towards the goal. Your effort to get your son to sleep brings back memories. One of the things that really helped me was learning that everbody wakes up in the middle of the night and then chooses to go back to sleep. It was something I wasn't really concious of. Realizing this helped me deal with my daughter. If conditioned to interaction and some kind of "entertainment" then children will choose to stay awake. Taking away the "entertainment" helps them to develop their own feeling of self sufficency, I think.
Look to the future. Our ten year old has no problems falling asleep. I just now read a few pages of The Jungle Book to him, he quickly fell asleep and tomorrow I'll have to wake him up and push him into his daily routine. The problem now is getting him to wake up!
Kevin Cox