So grateful to YouTube

Sometimes I'm so grateful that YouTube exists. I heard a great song on WNRN yesterday, and called the station to find out who was playing it. The lyrics just took over and seemed to underscore exactly what I was thinking at the moment. Woman singing over top what sounded like homemade instruments, and it all came together into something powerful and meaningful.

The DJ told me the band was Psapp, and the track was Mister Ant. Or at least, that's what I heard. So, now I'm searching YouTube for that track, and of course, I'm in the process of discovering something I'm really enjoying, as well as seeing some really clever videos. Here's a couple of them:

These are worth watching for the videos alone, I think. I was feeling kind of down earlier, but watching these I'm cheered up and am glad for something new to add to the internal soundtrack. And one day I'll actually find the song I'm looking for. It's a question of how much research I want to do.

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