An idea for restaurants

Just an idea here. If I'm at a restaurant as a a one-top at a three-top table, I really don't mind if a two-top sits with me. I've paid my bill here, but I'm finishing off my drink. The couple waiting at the gate would like me to leave so they can sit. I can understand that, definitely, but I also don't want to rush my experience sitting here. After all, I have tinny jazz to listen to.

But, really, why couldn't they just sit here at my table? What would the harm be? That we have a couple of words of conversation?

That's how I ended up sitting here. Even though there was an empty three-top, a man was sitting at the table my himself and I barged in and asked if I could take up one of his empty chairs because I didn't want to short-change the business. He and I ended up having a pretty cool conversation, and I met a new friend.

To grow, humans need random interactions with other humans. We need the ability to get outside of ourselves. Simple innovations would yield tremendous results.

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Waldo said...

That's what I like about eating on trains—you're always seated with enough people to fill out a four-person table. It's not for everybody, but I like meeting people.