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It has been ten years since I last sang with the late 1990's incarnation of the Hodads, the fake band that never quite got off the ground due to various factors I won't mention at the moment. One of the members of that band, Adalid Claure, is undergoing surgery today for something pretty serious today. In honor of him, I'm going to post one of the songs from March 1999.

Listen: To the Moon, Alice!

Remember, everything we did was always improvised. They would start playing, and I would start singing. The experience was one of the most cathartic I've ever experienced. However, my friend Jeffry Cudlin has told me relying on improvisation can lead to madness, and I can certainly say that I understand what he means. I would have much preferred if we'd actually sat down and prepared songs, but for whatever reason, we did not.

I have these fantasies of getting up somewhere to sing. Not because I think I'm any good, but because I just have all this energy at times, and I've got to get it out of me somehow. I'd love to learn how to write songs, and to channel all of the various views and emotions I have through a musical form. I sing to my kids all the time.

So, yeah, the above song is noise, but it represents where I was at a specific time in my life, when I believed I could do anything. I still believe I can do anything, but I appreciate that it takes work and energy to turn an inkling of talent into something that an audience would appreciate.

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