Thoughts on the New Facebook

The turmoil generated by Facebook's new layout seems to have died down, and people appear to be continuing to use it. I don't even remember what it looked like a few weeks ago, to be honest.

As the operator of two websites here in Charlottesville, I can definitely say that the new Facebook is a huge improvement because of the changes made to how "Pages" work. I created a page for the Charlottesville Podcasting Network about a year ago, but the idea has languished because there was no easy way to get the updates in front of people.

Now, however, pages function the same way as individuals' profiles, giving groups such as CPN and Charlottesville Tomorrow the ability to push their content in front of people who have already opted in. This pleases me, and gives us a whole new way to reach people in our community.

So, if you're on Facebook, why not become a "fan" of our sites? I've conveniently placed the links below:

Charlottesville Tomorrow on Facebook

Charlottesville Podcasting Network on Facebook

Much obliged.

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