The Notes That Were

I am not yet ready to fully announce the weird audio project I've been working on but mostly off for the past four years. The Notes That Were consists of a mixture of "music" from bands I've been associated with, plus weird sound collages taken from the interviews I've conducted over the past several years. I love playing around with audio, and always have. I started when I was 8.

But, here's a little preview of something that I did about three weeks ago, just as a little throwaway production. I finished it up tonight, and there's not much to it except a sense from me that I want to revamp the creative things I do, especially now that I have a studio again.

So, take a listen if you want a sample of this silliness.
Notes That Were Episode 13: A little one to prime the pump"

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Dan said...

Very creative piece, Sean. Keep 'em coming!