Quitting coffee, day four

I went to the Blue Ridge Country Store this morning to get a biscuit. On days I have the kids, it is very difficult to get out of the house with them and also feed myself. So, after dropping them off with their mother, and after walking my dog (who had snuck into the car demanding a walk downtown), I walked the two blocks downhill.

Usually, I'd get a cup of coffee. Blue Ridge Country Store serves Greenberry's Coffee, and it's usually absolutely delicious. I'll get at least one a day, plus two refills.

But this week, I've decided to cut back. I've been relying too much on coffee to get me started. The money adds up after a while, and I feel more skittish. Being over caffeinated is not a feeling I enjoy. Neither is being tired, but switching to water has seemed to help. When I get the craving, I fill up my glass and swig it down.

And you know? I find I'm not missing it. Instead, I bought a Coke Zero (my new fixation) to go with my delicious egg and cheese.

Of course, let's see how I'm doing on Monday.

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