A shout-out to my ant friend

I'll say this about my friend, the black ant. She is totally and utterly persistent. I've been sitting in the waiting room at Edgecomb's for the past hour waiting for some work to be done on my car. I put my laptop down on the table they provide, and suddenly, this little black ant crawled across the top. I brushed it away, thinking she was a spider.

And then she came back. I brushed her away.

And then she came back again. And again.

I ate a banana about half an hour ago. She came over and sniffed it. Her little antennae shimmied with glee. I picked up the peel to put in the trash can, and she dropped off back to the table. I think she wants to keep me company.

A minute ago, she crawled up my hand while I was typing. Now she's crawling on the phone. What is she searching for? Why doesn't she appear to have any other friends here? What will happen to her when I leave here? Will another person getting their car serviced have less patience?

It would be so easy to pound her into oblivion. I'd do that with the fly, if I could. In the past five minute she's been joined by a fly, who I find bothersome. The ant is no bother at all. In fact, she's cheering me up by getting my mind off of the various things that really are bugging me today.

I wish her well.

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Sean Tubbs said...

This was weird. The ant actually attacked the fly. No lie. The fly was sitting on the edge, waiting for a chance to fly back into my face. And the ant came over to scare the fly away.

Is this the new love I've been looking for? Someone who will watch out for me? Protect me? Keep me company?