Lunch run report

My bus will be here in 10 minutes to take me back to work. I left my office in Court Square at 1:00 PM for a quick run. It was nice to go to work in my running clothes. Now I'm showered and waiting for the bus, eating a black bean burger with two slices of cheese. I sort of mistimed my run. I had hoped to run for about an hour and ten minutes, but I left the house without my watch today. Instead, I ran for about 55 minutes through the neighborhoods north of the Downtown Mall.

Turns out, I don't like to run without the watch. It's an incredibly useful device. I've never really worn a watch as an adult. My parents gave me a Mickey Mouse watch when I was a teenager, but I stopped wearing it because I was allergic to something on it. Now, I'm allergic to not knowing what time it is when I'm running.

I've more or less ditched the iPod, though. It's too much hassle to run with it, and I like to be able to take in what I'm listening to. I enjoy hearing birds, listening for cars, eavesdropping on snippets of conversation, and in general being in tune with my environment.

Now there are 7 minutes left. I've drank 32 ounces of Gatorade and I need to go prepare another 32 for the bus ride. I also have to find a shirt. One consequence of all the training is that I have four shirts that actually fit me in. I have a closet filled with clothes that are ridiculously over-sized. Eight months ago, I wore XL. Now I'm an M. I'm still not really used to that.

It was hot and humid outside, and I enjoy running in the heat. I generally like running in everything except the rain. Of course, now I'm really picky about what I wear. I would like to have more technical shirts and socks, but I've not been able to get many yet. With time, right?

And, with that, I'm out of time and off to the bus. I hope the online thing is correct.

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