August thoughts; birthday invitation

August is a month many people would like to ban. I've seen this meme thrown around in Facebook status updates, blog posts and in the occasional e-mail poll. It's too hot, people say. It's too slow, people say.

However, I say August is okay in my book. After all, I'll turn 36 on Sunday. I seem to be a bit more introspective with the approach of that somewhat august milestone. My clock is about to reset, and I can finally feel myself beginning to move on from can only be described as a year of intense transition.

I spent my 35th birthday at Court Square Tavern. My ex had prepared a fantastic surprise party for me, and I really had one of those "It's a Wonderful Life" moments where I felt home and welcome. I'm so thankful to her for setting that up for me, and for giving me two fantastic children.

And here I am, about to celebrate my 36th birthday in the same place. This is an invitation to anyone who reads this to come to the Tavern tomorrow night beginning at around 8:00 to wish me a happy birthday. And see the place. Why not, I say? I'm going to be there until 10:00 no matter what.

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