Training update for late August

There are only eight more weekends left until the Richmond Marathon. I'm not too worried about the tightness in my left ankle. I can stretch it out, and today is not a running day. I ran too fast last night because I'd been in a terrible mood all day and I needed to burn off the frustration. So, I went my the five miles prescribed to me by Coach Lorenzoni, and came home, had my protein in the form of a Morningstar riblet and fell asleep by 10:30.

Am I ready for the marathon? Not sure. I'll know at the end, won't I? This weekend I'm looking at a 16 mile long run, and it will be the first time I've run with the group in a month. For logistical reasons, I've been running the same lengths here in town which is not nearly as much fun but as long as I put in the miles, I should be fine.

And, I'm putting in the miles. I occasionally have to pay a babysitter on Thursday nights to make sure I can get my four or five miles in. In September, I'll have to find a way to cover my Sunday runs when I add my fifth day. By the end of September, I will have run 20 miles in one day, adding up to 42 for one week.

Today is a non-running day. I've not been very good about getting to the gym, but I'll go later on tonight for a quick work-out. I don't get the same rush of confidence at the gym, because my work-out is kind of boring, and I'm not doing it three days a week anymore. I know this will change in December, when I begin weight-training in a serious fashion.

To be honest, though, I've not been doing as well of late. For whatever reason, the reality of my separation has put me in a dark hole for much of the last two weeks. Running helps me climb out and makes me feel like I have some self-worth. It is very important I cross that finish line.

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