Mister Blue Sky

Signs from the universe continue to tell me that generally everything is okay, even though I feel dread on Monday, just like everyone else. Even though I wake up with my children, I feel this tremendous lack of inertia and perhaps a sense that my life is going in the wrong direction. Happens almost every Monday. Not so much on the other days, mostly on Monday.

Yet, the dread fades if I can just take simple steps to remind myself that the universe has plenty of positive energy to tap into, if you just know it's there. Even if you can't feel it, even if you feel this need to be a skeptic.

On Saturday, I strolled my son about a mile in the double-stroller to pick up a box of LP's that I found on Freecycle. In the past month, I've picked up a utility cart, four boxes of video-tapes, some desperately needed knick-knacks, and some toys for the kids. But, I think in the grand scheme of things, there's one thing that will stand out as the most important thing I could have found.

A copy of "Out of the Blue" by the Electric Light Orchestra.

I am not an expert on ELO, by any means. My annoying punk-rock self dismissed anything from the 70's as not worthy of listening to, and plenty worthy of disdain. But, I first fell in love with this song when it was used in a brilliant episode of Doctor Who. I'd all but forgotten about it, but then the song was handed to me again by the universe.

If you watch the clip, or listen to it, check out the bit of dialogue included from the episode. Sort of fits my life right now, which hasn't turned out the way I expected, but turned out the way it was always going to. But, you know, there's always the hope of a blue sky, always the hope that the next day will be just a little bit better than the one that came before. There are always sonic ladders from which we can climb the depths of Monday dread.

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