Hurling messages of appreciation into the universe

Since last Thanksgiving, my life has completely and utterly transformed in some ways. Mostly for the better, though I am most definitely not entirely over the break-up of my marriage. It happens, you know?

I'd like to first be somewhat grateful I didn't use this blog to air all of my dirty laundry. I did, however, use it to reach out to people, and I'm thankful for all of the people who did help me out throughout the course of the year.

I am doing incredibly interesting work for Charlottesville Tomorrow. This has been our busiest year to date, with the Daily Progress partnership, the launch of cvillepedia, and so many other things we've done. I am thankful to work with Brian Wheeler, who has been a good mentor for me and has made me into a much better journalist.

I am back at Court Square Tavern, a place that grounds me in Charlottesville and serves as a nice counterpart to the other work I do. Working with Katie Fox has been a blessing, because I've had to learn how to work efficiently and to high standards. I also really like trying to build up a business, and think this is going to be a pretty good winter.

My recovery would not have been possible without the help of my friend Becca Feild, who gave me a place to stay and encouraged me to go on a trip to Pensacola in March. That trip gave me a glimpse into the future. A year ago, both of us began break-ups at the same time and now we're recovered.

I am thankful to the mother of my kids for being a great co-parent and working with me to raise them. We've got a long haul ahead of us together to make sure our children have a good life. I'm proud of her for all that she has achieved this year and am thankful that everything is going to turn out okay.

I am grateful for my parents for being incredibly understanding of me this year, and being patient with me while I worked through this transition year. They've been absolutely fantastic and generous with their support.

I am thankful I got to become friends with Harry Landers, who encouraged me to run and to join the marathon training program. I ended up not running a marathon this year, but that's okay. I've obtained a lifelong habit that's going to introduce me to a lot of people over the rest of my lifetime.

I really appreciate living in this magnificent town. I spent some time walking around on the downtown mall today, and just soaked in the humanity of it all. The musicians. The stranded foreign students who were touring around. The homeless men. The mall vendors. My favorite place to run is up the mall. I'm also thankful to have the University of Virginia here.

I'm thankful for Gold's Gym, which is the first place I've felt comfortable exercising around others. I am looking forward to really taking advantage of the gym in the coming year as I work on improving my fitness routine.

I'm glad I've reconnected with my friend in Minnesota, Tori Zengel. She's a fellow single parent who is even busier than I am. Her phone calls have been a real pick-me-up.

Many people have helped me keep the Charlottesville Podcasting Network going, including Coy Barefoot, Leon Oliver, Elizabeth McCullough, Sean McCord, Rick Moore, Jacob Canon, Brevy Cannon, Brad Savage, Dan Daniels, and many others that I am likely forgetting.

Special thanks are due to Nick Laiacona for lending me a guitar on which I have played hours and hours and hours now. Making music is what I do when I know I'm relaxed, and it's something that's just as important as exercise in terms of keeping a well well-being.

I've met so many great people this year, and become friends with people who have really helped me change my life and outlook.

How about you? What do you have to give thanks for on this day?

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