In the right place

The place is maybe a quarter full, and there's good music playing. Bob is sitting at the bar doing whatever it is he does when he's here, drinking his two beers while listening to music on his yellow headphones.

There's a group of four guys who have split three pitchers of beer. The only one wearing glasses decided to try out three different kinds of beer. There's five people sitting at another table who stopped drinking an hour or so ago, but they're still talking about philosophy and religion.

The big group is taking up the forties. They've had maybe 30 pints between them, as well as some shots. They're a lot of fun, and I got to do some dramatic acting with them earlier. Only a second or so, but it was fun to try to make them laugh.

A trio came in about 30 minutes ago and are busy taking pictures of themselves. One of them is drinking a ginger ale while the others nurse a couple of pints.

When I'm here, I don't question if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. When it gets busy, and I know I'm getting paid to be out, it makes me very happy. I know I'm making money that directly supports my children. Every second I'm here goes to make sure they're being taken care of. I'm pleased that I've found a way to enjoy myself while also being responsible.

Business has been picking up. I'm hoping people know that we're open until whenever on the weekends. We're a comfortable place to be. Music isn't too loud. We're not too rowdy. Just right, I'd say.

I'm going to be posting to the Court Square Tavern Facebook page more often, so become a fan if you're not already. My goal is to try to build up business by carrying on our conversational energy into the online sphere, and hopefully then we can get some good talks going on in here.

People come here because they can talk. My hope is this can be a place where people can come and talk, and then meet people as well. I want things to happen here. Even if they're little things.

Mostly, I want to feel like I'm living a life, and that I'm part of something. I didn't get to go to a concert tonight, but there were many people here who I waited on who did go. So, I feel like I know people who are out there having a good time. They had a good time, and I bet they'll be back. That's my goal.

I like having two very different kinds of jobs. In this job, I get to be more alive and it doesn't really go home with me. The other job is pretty much what I do when I'm not here.

Don't get me wrong. My job at Charlottesville Tomorrow is pretty much my dream job. I'm at the forefront of a new kind of media, and I'm proud of what we've accomplished and am working towards realizing our vision of informing the public on matters about their local government. I'm doing the kind of work I've always wanted to do, even though I may not realize it.

Both of them intersect, grounding me here in this community.

My hope is that I will continue to learn more about where I live, and to become even better at all that I do.

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