Taking stock at the end of May

Working at a slow pace has its advantages. I'm typing this while making an hourly wage at Court Square Tavern, and I'm tinkering on my website, the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. There are only seven customers in here, and I have a feeling that may be about it. It's a holiday weekend, and the last weekend of the month.

I've not really marked the occasion of my site's fifth anniversary. In good news, this week I did meet with the folks behind Secretly Y'all and am now hosting podcasts of their stories.  That is much more in line with the reasons for creating the site way back in 2005. I wanted to create a community resource.

And, that's what the site has become, even though I've put very little effort into it since joining Charlottesville Tomorrow. That's where my energy goes these days, and I so rarely do anything to maintain the site. Yet, the audio keeps getting posted, and I'm hoping I'll be inspired my new friends to create some things once more.

I feel that I need to make new connections with the world. Everything I do, for instance, seems to begin with C. What would it be like to have an employee that begins with a different consonant. What if I decided to really wanted to live by working for a vowel?

It's been three years now since I've produced anything for the radio. These days, I write print and post work to our blog. And then I go to work and serve people beer. Tonight I'm all by myself here, using the slow time to delete categories from the site. I also created a new image header for the top.

I live such an exciting life.

There are so many projects I want to work on. I want to play guitar with people and see what happens. I want to get back to recording more interviews, and playing with sound. I want to write fiction. I want to create music. I want to plant gardens so I see the infinite beauty within. I want to help things get better.

Now I have to get back to work. There are dishes that have to be cleaned. I have to clean this place up. Tomorrow begins the first real weekend I've had in a while, with two days and two nights off in a row. The other day I heard a woman telling a man parked outside Forest Hills Park explaining that she needed a vacation to get her mind clear. I believe that's almost certainly exactly how I am at this moment as I type these words into a little box in the hopes of making sense at the end of May.

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