Rules for the summer

I'm getting flabby, dear reader. Flabby and my mind is slowing down a bit. I've been allowing myself a little too much recreation and it's time to smooth things out a bit in the hopes of calming my bank account. So, in the interest of creating a healthier me, I'm going to institute some loose rules to guide me. In no particular order:

No more soda: I rely on this delicious beverage way too much to get me through the day. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the costs, especially when I get so many for free through work. But, I also spend about $10 a week on 16 ounce Cokes, and I can feel the difference around my waist-line. I hereby propose a full three month moratorium on soda consumption to see what happens. In 1995, I quit soda and lost nearly 15 pounds. In 2010, I just want to lose the padding around my waist that I'm fairly certain comes form consuming these absolutely empty calories.

Toning at the gym: I'm paying for gym membership I'm not using, and this is mostly because I run. But, I want to get in there twice a week to tone, and to just generally be in the habit of being there. I've lost a bit of my muscle tone, but want it back.

100 miles in June, 115 in July, 130 in August: This is a rough goal to run each of these amounts in the following months. I'm in a lull in terms of running at the moment, and these goals should more or less track with the marathon training I'd like to do. I'm signing up this week and will run my 2 mile time trial next Wednesday. Time to get serious about running for real. I feel like a pretender sometimes, especially when I take more than two days off in a row.

Better financial management: Money flies out of my wallet way too easily. I work very hard, but yet I don't seem to remember this when it comes time to going out. I may be too hard on myself on this score, but I have to make sure I can meet my obligations (which are hefty) while also putting money for retirement and special trips. The reward will hopefully be a trip to England in November if I can put enough money away.

Waking up early, going to bed early: Someone much wiser than me said that early risers get things done. I would like to be among that number, but yet I have such a hard time removing myself from slumber because my bed is so comfortable. I want to wake up with the sunrise and try to go to bed before midnight every night, and maybe I'll be successful. I'm going to aim for three sunrises a week to see where this goes.

Cooking at home: Oh, how I miss cooking. I cooked a delicious stir-fry for the first time in a while last night. I'd not actually cooked a meal for over a month. Maybe even two months. This isn't right. I enjoy cooking very much, but I haven't bothered much lately because I'm all by myself, and because my schedule is erratic. But, I want to impose order by requiring that I prepare at least three meals a week all summer long. This will most likely take the form of Sunday meals and sandwiches. Soon I'll have stuff from the garden to include.

No beer at home: Of all the commandments, this is the hard one. I like to have a few beers at the end of the night, but they're expensive. I need to drink water instead and maybe this will help with going to bed earlier.

I do not know if I will meet all of this rules, but I do know that by posting them publicly, I am more likely to do so. I want this summer to be one of improvement. The benefits could be extraordinary.

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