First Saturday Night Off

I'm spending my first Saturday night free at home, working on songs. I'm playing electric guitar over top of things I've done in the past, trying to learn lessons about how to play with other people. It's like traveling back in time. Since the summer of 2009 I have recorded over 50 hours of improvised sessions.

This exercise tonight is strictly an exercise. I've never really tried my hand at overdubbing before, so this is definitely the sort of thing I do when I'm not pouring my energy into something else.

My main issue tonight is trying to get the guitar to be much quieter in the mix. It's dominating the older stuff, and I'm trying to remember how to do live mixes of things. Suddenly, I have time for this little hobby of mine and this blog will likely document the journey.

My immediate goal is to find people to play with, people to collaborate with. I want to take on new challenges. The first one is seeing if anything can be harvested, and how can I learn more about how music works by trying to enhance the material I've produced in the past.

So far, it's kind of messy, but I have the chance to make this mistake.

I could have gone out tonight, but I thought my time would be better spent relaxing at home, laying down lead guitar tracks over what has come before. This may not be making me any money, but it's certainly what I think I need to be doing. All my life I've wanted to play music, but I've never been able to give it much of a focus. Playing with notes and sound is something I've always wanted to do for real. Now I get to take it somewhat seriously with more free time to put my energy in something I love to do.


Anonymous said...

Try Santana's "evil ways". The chords are Em and A7 forever, then B as the turnaround. I may be the guy for an eventual guitar/vocal collaboration. My main project right now is conditioning for the c-ville 10 miler on march 31. Some will call me "Tim". If it matters I'm 45 and regular looking and don't do any drugs. But I don't have a car and I live near the "Fascist Square mall"

Sean Tubbs said...

I'm really horrible at playing other people's songs. For me it's always about trying to come up with a background for lyrics. But, I need to get better. I also need to get better at running with the ten miler only a month away.

But, yes, when you're ready, perhaps we can do something. Always looking to learn from others.

Anonymous said...

Try strumming with a rock in your hand to over-train the strumming muscles for a few minutes at a time. After a month or so your strumming will be alot quicker