Principles from 1996

Recently I found all of my journals from the 1990's. One from 5-27-1996 was about my philosophy of life. After 2,000 words or so, I concluded with this. 

Here are my ten commandments for my life.
1) Thou shall treat others with dignity and respect.
2) Thou will do nice things for those people who are your friends, never expecting anything in return.
3) Thou shall always try to be positive, finding a silver lining in anything.
4) Humility shall be your watchword.
5) Jokes must be told at all times.
6) Thou shall not be tempted to change your personality to please anyone.
7) Thou shall never retreat into your own little world.
8) Thou shall try to mend broken bridges with previous friendships, leaving no loose ends.
9) Thou shall record significant events in your life.
10) Cultivate individuality.

The fact that I have a record of something I wrote from sixteen years ago that I can cut and paste easily makes me pleased. I still have to work on a lot of these, but I think I've tried to live my live according to these principles, even if sometimes I strayed. 

But finding that I wrote out #3 before anything had really happened to my life astounds me. That's really how I try to live my life. I just wrote another 2,000 words in my journal trying to come to terms with a few things in my life, and the reason I write is to fully fulfill #3.

I'll cross back now. 

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