And these were the slow nights...

I remember this feeling.

I remember waiting people to come into a place that I think is one of the most awesome places on earth. Or at least, in Charlottesville. If I could get out of town more often, I likely wouldn't go on harping about Court Square Tavern. 

I certainly wouldn't keep going back to work there if I didn't live here, and if I didn't feel like it was part of the reason I'm here. 

This was the first time in a long time that I went from one job to the other on a weekday. This may become more common as I try to make ends meet, try to get ahead by making a little more money for my children. But also, to try to reconnect to the reasons why I'm here.

Tonight was a slow night, but the interactions I had with customers were all very enjoyable. People came onto my stage and I served the role of background character. But, I also engaged with local politics, talked a bit about we're a neighborhood bar, caught up with old friends, tried to fix the stereo system, and made more money than I would have had I not been working.

But, slow going, but worth every second I was clocked in. 

Going back to work there is like time travel, like going right back to a time when I was at exactly the same point I am at now, but with another ring around my trunk. Can I harvest this time somehow? This investment in a dream of place, a third space that can draw upon so much history while also building the future. I want the tavern to be a place where people can meet new people and begin interesting experiences.

Even on these slow nights, I still feel that possibility. And that's why I'm back. 

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