New Holiday: First Winter Storm

Now listen carefully.

There was some frozen precipitation on the ground earlier. For the past few days, many people have told us we were in for a terrible onslaught of electricity loss, bread loss at grocery stores, and wintry unpleasantness.

And, I bet you that many of us, in the back of our minds, welcomed this and decided we were going to take a little break from the normal today. I know I did. I jumped at the chance to have a sudden holiday from the normal routine.

So, why don't we find a way to enshrine this phenomenon as a holiday? I think floating holidays around the threat of inclement weather should be much more acceptable. People's fears of traveling are their own business, no matter where that fear came from.

I propose that we create in Virginia a special holiday on the occasion of the first storm where we all just decide it's okay to be relaxed about everything. We realize that the universe will occasionally throw up obstacles, and that many of these obstacles will be entirely in our own collective minds.

There doesn't even have to be actual precipitation for this holiday to work. It just needs to be expected, and then we all get a free pass if it doesn't materialize.

We're Southern. I need to crowd-source this and get feedback because I think we're all on to something here. Because, first winter storms cause us all to rethink ourselves out of the routine. Is that a bad thing? I think not. 

I want to know what you think! 

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