Towards 2014!

It's late at night and I've already broken two of my resolutions. Though, maybe I haven't. Who knows? The year has a lot of life left in it yet.

I was not where I wanted to be to end the year, but what more fitting a place than Court Square Tavern? I will admit I was grumpy and unhappy to be there, but now that I'm at the end and there's money in my pocket and money I know will go to pay towards certain obligations.

And in the end, that's what 2013 was. 2013 was a year in which I put my head down and did my job, all four of them. I'm a working class man who struggles to make sure I have enough to provide for my children. When you view it that way, I thrived this year because I've come out on top despite many broken items that needed repair in December. 

There was a man outside my house now who was so angry. I could not make out his words, but he was threatening violence to someone on the phone, or someone in his head. I could not tell. I had gone out to see if my other cat was nearby. Well, the only one now. I hope that man will be okay, and that he'll calm down, and whatever situation he is in will resolve itself peacefully.

I want the next year to be about other people, not about me. I want to expand the kind of work I do as a journalist. I want to continue aspiring, and the weight of the previous year is now lifted. It's silly, but it feels true. 

So, towards 2014! 

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RayRayMan said...

sean, it was very freeing for me when i had my first "unfriend" on facebook. after i did it, it was only strange that it had taken me so long. that said, i've only unfriended three people. for me it was like breaking free of that one toxic friend that ruins the party.

and i too have had an awareness over the past two years about the difference, for me, between facebook vs. twitter. in most cases. for me, twitter wins. facebook is like a group-blog that is locked down. oxymoron? whereas it was a great way to share with everyone, in some ways it has become a horrible way to share with everyone.

but still, its there, for the time being.