A requiem for old paper

On December 16, 2007, the president of CARS sent me a letter thanking me for my $30 donation. At the time, my son was less than two months away from being born, and I was eight months into my job at Charlottesville Tomorrow. I still lived under the impression I was going to be in a marriage with her, but now I don't remember sending them this money, nor ever making such a gift. Why them? I also can't imagine spending $30 on a charity at this moment, seeing as I owe WTJU $60 for the pledge I made back in April. 

Into the recycling bin with this letter, and many more pieces of paper, as it's now almost seven years later and I have this tremendous need to purge the relics of the past that remain in my house, even though my life has moved on. 

Underneath the letter from Larry Claytor is a handwritten note from a Charlottesville Planning Commission meeting from a date unknown. Bill Emory is listed as being a participant, as are Cheri Lewis and Mike Farruggio. Emory is still a fixture at city meetings, but Lewis is back in private practice and Farruggio hasn't really been in the public eye since he lost election to City Council last year.

I don't want to throw out these notes, so I put them in a folder for later. There's nothing historic on this sheet, necessarily, but there is reference to Dan Rosensweig commenting that he's been invited to participate to an Albemarle County discussion on TDRs which I want to hang on for some reason, but I don't know what that will be at this point. So in the folder it goes.

I'm torn about whether to keep a record of the service my Jeep Liberty undertook last December. The window had busted, and there was also a coolant leak. These both cost $283.11, and were among the $1,200 or so I put in that vehicle before deciding to dump the vehicle in favor of a smaller one. Having written this out, the receipt now joins the box of other papers that will be put in my recycling bin. 

This is the best thing I've done in ages. 

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