Being accountable (or A Fat Man Speaks)

In five days, I'll  know for sure if I've managed to run the Charlottesville  Ten Miler again. I'm not looking forward to it because this has not been a stellar year for running. Or fitness of any kind.

I'm back at the weight I was at in December 2008 when my life changed. I spent 2009 and 2010 exercising as much as I could. My work duties had not yet expanded to where they are now, so I was both motivated to run and I had the time.

I've not run since last Monday. I was going to go today, but I ended up with too many appointments which allows me to make yet another excuse. I'm sitting at my desk when I should be out there. 

I remember when I was at the peak of my fitness, in the middle of 2010, that I was convinced I would never again let myself get out of shape. I swore I would stay fit, swore I would stay healthy.

But here I am at just under 200 pounds again, with no real strategy for how I'm going to get back to 170. 

Yet, I'm still going to try to run on Saturday, because I need to do it. 

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