Ian Curtis

There are few singers I feel in tune with when I go and make whatever it is I do in my underground music. But, I make music in order to feel alive, and that's all that matters. 

But, I'm inspired by so many people who have had the courage to put it out there.

Some of them didn't make it, like Ian Curtis. He killed himself in 1980, I think. I'm off work so I'm not going to fact-check. 

Tonight, I needed music to help me through the last moments of my work. I needed something that made me feel alive, and the Joy Division songs put together to support Ian Curtis' expression was exactly what I needed. 

I don't know why he killed himself. I'm sad that he did. The songs he recorded with are an incredible capturing of a time and place and they are universal in that regard. The way he sang gives  me hope that there are others out there like me. And in a time of loneliness, isn't that what we want?

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