There's something I want to say, but I cannot. 

There's an impulse in my mind that I must short-circuit.

I gave up the freedom to say what I think in order to become a journalist. 

And it's sad, because I don't really have opinions about outcomes. My opinions are mostly about the process and about attitudes. 

There are days when the negativity depresses me. These days are common. 

I can never go into details. Who would care what I think anyway? 

I will only say that I wish humans didn't have this innate instinct to piss over other humans all the time. 

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Sean Tubbs said...

All I can do is resist the easy temptation to pile on with the negativity. I want to be positive, to find the silver in the tin, to find the lining in a diffuse cloud. I think I can do that. I think I need to do that.