How I wish Feedburner counts were true...

So, that's what I saw when I just looked at my FeedBurner stats. Would it were that this were true! Usually the number is more like 160 or so, but with all the testing I had to do yesterday, obviously something got very, very scrambled.

For two and a half years, everything worked great. Now, things are kind of broken, and I'm kind of enjoying having to put it all together. It's been very liberating in a way to take myself away from the existing stats system and having to build another one from scratch. I feel kind of embarrassed, but I have never claimed to be a decent programmer.

Not computer programming, anyway.

I feel the audio programming on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network is compelling and offers up a great service to the community. And, finally I feel we're on the verge of beginning a new chapter, as I train more people to collect and edit audio to present to the greater community.

For just a minute, I'm going to pretend that I really do have thousands of listeners! Could it happen one day?

And if so, what would you like to hear to convert you to becoming a subscriber, either through RSS or through e-mail? Remember, if you were a fan of the old blog-like interface, you can view us through the classic style. We're working on adding back some of the features that are currently missing, such as a search window! If you have suggestions, please let us know!

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Matt said...

Keep up the good work with CPN. It is a worth while endeavor.