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So, I've crossed over the 300 feeds threshold on Bloglines. Thankfully, I have them split into categories which I look at on an informal tier-basis.

ADMIN, of course, comes first. This includes the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville Tomorrow's Calendar, and a whole bunch of secret feeds. This is where I look to make sure the things I'm working on are getting out to the world.

BLOGS is my informal category of blogs I look at because they're blogs. Some of these are big ones like Boing Boing, and others are ones I read because I sort of know someone who writes one. The World's Fair fits into this category. It's a smart blog about science issues. I don't read every article, but I read the headlines to know what's going on. There's also Hatchets and Skewers, which is an art criticism blog written by my friend Jeffry Cudlin. One of his newer posts talks about his latest appearance on WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi show.

I currently track the comments of three blogs. Real Central Va, cvillenews, and cVillain. They have the best and most relevant conversations in the Charlottesville community. If you're not tracking these, you might consider trying it for a week, and get involved in one of the threads.

Next, of course, there's CVILLEBLOGS, which consists of all of the blogs aggregated by Waldo, as well as ones that I pull out to make sure I know when they've been updated. These include Cville Betty's Blog, C'Ville Weekend Nanny and of course, everything on cvilleblogs.com. It's amazing how much more involved in your community you can feel if you just start posting.

Of course, I track a lot of things in England. I try to skim the headlines of the Independent once a day, and also track a couple of public policy non-profits. There's also British Comedy News which has been very helpful in knowing what's going on in that particular genre.

Then, there's ENTERTAINMENT, which is where I'll stop this blog post. I read the official RSS feed for For Better or For Worse though it's annoying because you have to click through to the site to read the strip. There's TV Squad, where I like to comment, and my latest obsession - i09.

In fact, i09 is what prompted to write this post. i09 is a Gawker blog, but don't hold that against it! I've never seen science fiction treated in such an artful manner, taking in the whole gamut of science fiction, from silliness to seriousness, and producing something that makes me want to embrace the science fiction nutcase that I truly am.

And, you will be too, if you just read it for a week. I strongly recommend it. I'm not entirely happy with the spoilers on it, but they tend to mark them fairly well these days.

Perhaps more later.

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