The Joys of Wikipedia #1: The A428 Road

This likely will not become a series on this blog, but you never know. Maybe blogs should do series, which is what many people do. Maybe it helps people focus on what to write. Gives them something to say.

In any case, I came across this article on the A428 shortly after reading an article on Negativland. I hit random once, and got the name of some German occultist, before settling on the above article. I skimmed it quickly, spent about five seconds scanning whether I knew any of the towns or not, and then had a brief thought about how much I thought it would be interesting to develop Wikipedia articles for our roads here, to personalize them in a much nicer way. Would that be something people want to see? The article, as you can see in this print-screen I made quickly lists all of the various places the road goes, followed by the various intersections it comes across. There's a tremendous sense of love and order that comes along with this, something that seems so fundamentally English, but yet, it's a sense of way-finding that produces a more intimate feeling then what we have here. Ultimately, in these maps, people can get around better.

After all, I've driven from my parent's home in Lynchburg to here in Charlottesville many, many times. I've never seen a map like the one you can see above, borrowed from Wikipedia in the interest of public service.

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