Proof the long tail works (for the community, at least)

When I started the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, one of the tenets was that nothing would be deliberately taken down. The idea was to establish a community archive of various recordings and the goal is to have them up in some form in perpetuity. As a radio journalist, I hated the idea that something I created for the airwaves was considered disposable. Why put a ton of work into something that would only last a few minutes, when there would theoretically be people interested in the content for years to come?

Well, I have an example of how this has actually come to fruition. On November 20, 2006, I posted an archive recording of WINA's Charlottesville--Right Now with Coy Barefoot. The guests were John Hunter, a teacher at Venable Elementary Schools, and filmmaker Chris Farina. They were talking about Hunter's World Peace Game.

Flash forward two and a half years and someone found the archive, heard it, and then wanted to get in touch with Hunter. Commenter Susan Palmer wanted to know more about the game. Somehow, Hunter found the comment and responded.

I find this incredibly satisfying.

This is why the Charlottesville Podcasting Network exists. I've not made much money from it, and I don't intend to. The site exists as a community resource. Little moments like this will sustain me for many years to come.

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