Thoughts on being disconnected

My fingers tap the keys at this moment minutes after getting back into town after four days away with my friends. In that time, I have not checked my e-mail once. I have not looked at a Facebook status update. I have not tweeted, twitter or twut. In return, I have a relatively clear head.

I don't even really want to check my mail. Can it wait until morning? I know there will be a mixture of good and bad news, and I'm not so certain I want to subject myself to that so late at night.

Four days. I've not gone that long without checking my mail for many, many years. In the past four days I had other things on my mind. My boss kindly left a post-it note to my computer which just said "Have fun and relax!" and I gleefully accepted that advice.

And so, I'll conclude my night right now without checking my mail. It can wait until morning.

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