Devo Song of the Day: Snowball

Another song and a quick story. I came to Devo late in my life, but at a time when I still felt pretty lost. I still feel lost now. Somehow this song captures all of the failed romances I've had in the past. And I heard it for the first time when I was pursuing something with someone new, and I heard the lyrics different then - especially the 'eyes were made for looking' portion of the song. This conjures up the myth of Sisyphus, and I discovered it at a time my tastes had been influenced by LCD Soundsystem. Those songs reflected more positive times, and as I entered in a more romantically unproductive time, Snowball took on a much more somber note. And I'm better for having it in my mind. Live version:


Devo Song of the Day: Gates of Steel

I'm actually not going to write about the song directly. At least, not at first. For some reason, I feel by writing headlines that advertise daily content, I should go ahead and get on the bandwagon. 

After all, this is a place where I write things. I have this little white box that welcomes me when I am alone at night, after I have finally finished work for the day. 

I don't feel free. 

What is freedom?

There are degrees, I suppose. I write this from a safe place compared to what I see in many parts of the world. But, I still feel like I'm not quite able to do what I want to do.

What do I want to do?

At the moment, it seems like an irrelevant question. 

At the moment, I'm relaxed listening to music, reflecting on where I am in this moment. 

To me, freedom is able to be able to capture these things, these meaningless words that make up a version of my memory of who I was.

But I don't feel free.

Challenge me.