Tenth Doctor debuts on Sci-Fi tonight

Now, I've already seen all of these before, but the second season of the new Doctor Who debuts tonight on Sci-Fi. This is the Christmas episode, which was on BBC1 last Christmas. Now, somehow, I've managed to see this one, and if you didn't like Christopher Eccleston's portrayal, I strongly recommend watching this to see what it's like when a Doctor regenerates. It doesn't always go well.

But, Tennant is really intriguing as the Doctor, and seems much more comfortable in the role then Christopher Eccleston. In this episode, the Christmas Invasion, he's mostly absent, recovering from the shock of absorbing the entire time vortex of the TARDIS. He's not well, and he's asleep for most of the episode. But, of course, Earth is invaded in a very interesting way, and will he save the day?

Tennant is probably only known to Americans in his role as Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I've never seen him in any other role, but last week I caught a glimpse of him on a show on BBC America. It was odd for me, because after watching all of Season 2, he IS the Doctor. He's roughly my age, and grew up watching the show just like I did. As tonight's episode progresses, he takes on the role and makes it his own.

Because of the way Russell T. Davies decided to reboot the show, we didn't watch Eccleston's regeneration. It happened off camera, which hasn't ever happened before. Even Paul McGann's transformation into the ill-fated FOX incarnation of the show was depicted. Eccleston was great in the role, but I feel many fans don't really accept him because of this oversight. I would have loved to have seen Eccleston do a second season, but he decided against it, didn't want to be typecast.

But, the transition from Eccleston to Tennant is beautiful, with the Ninth Doctor sacrificing himself to save Rose Tyler. I'd urge those who didn't immediately take a shine to him to tune in tonight. If you're new to the Doctor, this is a much better season to become acquainted. The Ninth Doctor was plagued with inner torment over his role in the end of the time war (which is all depicted in books), but the Tenth is reborn anew, and the next thirteen episodes after tonight show his evolution. By the end of this season, you'll see he takes his place in the pantheon of the Time Lords.

And yeah, it's cheesy, and it's British, but that's what makes it so damned good.


Support WNRN - pledge tomorrow morning from 6 to 9

It's fund-raiser time again at WNRN. If you're thinking of supporting the station with a donation, consider doing so tomorrow morning between 6 and 9. That's when I'll be reading the news, and it would me ever-so-good if some of you would show your support while I'm on the air. Of course, the music during Acoustic Sunrise is first-rate, and the perfect blend to begin your day.

I've been reading the news since May, and it's been a great experience. I've had a real musical education working with Anne Williams, and I look forward to continuing this into the future. The Internet has brought us many more ways to listen to music, but there's nothing better then the radio to bring you something you've never heard before, with the context provided by someone whose job it is to scour the world for great tunes.

So, consider supporting tomorrow during fund-drive between 6 to 9 AM.

Ron Moore on The Sound of Young America

Jesse Thorn is America's Radio Sweetheart, and the host of a radio program called The Sound of Young America. Every week, he interviews someone responsible for something "awesome." I was first drawn to the show because of its tendency to talk about comedy, which I think doesn't get discussed as much as it should.

But, this week, he's interviewed Ron Moore, the co-creator of the new Battlestar Galactica, which is hands-down the most provocative show on television today. Here's the show, courtest of the odeo player.

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Blogging from Spider City

Personally, I blog whenever I feel I have to confront a fear. Or at least, tell everyone how pathetically fearful of the world I can be.

I'm spending the day catching up on a lot of audio that needs to be produced. I've got an interview with Tim Westergren of pandora.com, as well as a feature for the Voice of America on the future of women's colleges. And, of course, a lot of other things as well.

My studio is a mess, usually, though I cleaned it up a little bit today. Just to the right of this keyboard is a mixing board, a small one that I use to manipulate various sound sources. Right now I'm listening to something from the Animal Collective.

Which is appropriate, because just now, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a wolf spider crawling on the little mixer, just creeping along. Though I'm a man in my thirties, the site of a spider is enough to make me jump. I know I'm perfectly safe, and that no harm can come to me. But, why do I still panic and shriek?

The poor thing sprinted off the mixer, past the stereo, down the filing cabinet, and into the baseboards somewhere. And I'm sitting here, scared it's going to come eat me.

I keep wondering when I'm going to grow up. This is one of those times.


Dedication On the Tuesday Geoff Show

As I may have mentioned before, my favorite podcast is that of Virgin Radio's Geoff Show. They take their nightly broadcast and reduce it down to all the talking bits. And each night, they dedicate the show to someone who has requested it.

Well, my wife officially rocks, because she submitted one on my behalf, which woke me up this morning as I began work. Tune in, and this is pretty cool!


You'll have to grab the Tuesday September 5 show to hear this.