Richard Vobes asks: Should his podcast go commercial?

I've occasionally listened to Richard Vobes, a UK based podcaster who produces a daily show. In his 402nd episode, he asks whether he should go commercial in order to keep investing his time in the show. Vobes says he doesn't want to do advertising in the show.

"I don't think people want adverts in podcasts. You get that on radio. Podcast is a completely different medium, and you really don't need an advert biting into your ears."

What do you think? What has your experience been with podcasting so far?


Ricky Gervais' popular podcast to charge for downloads

Ricky Gervais is taking his smash podcast hit to Audible for a $7 a month subscription. My wife and I have really enjoyed the free podcast that's been available through Guardian Unlimited and iTunes, along with hundreds of thousands throughout the world. I enjoy it, but I doubt I'll pay $7 a month for it. Listening to poor Karl Pilkington explain his outlandish views can be hilarious, but worth a quarter a podcast, not $1.75 a pop.

It seems successful podcasts all have an existing brand behind them. Fancy that!